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Optical devices:

We specialize in developing cutting edge technology for special forces, the military, hunters and sports marksmen at a competitive price.

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Optical devices:

We have the world's most comprehensive line of tactical scope mounts; it spans about 60 different models of various heights, tilts, lengths and ring dimensions.

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Optical devices:

Today the company specializes in developing and production of highly competitive professional devices basing on the most modern image intensifier tubes (IIT) Gen 2+ and Gen 3.

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Lapua has always strived to produce the best possible cartridges and ammunition components for those who have the same passion for precision as we do.

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Optical devices:

Our K-series’ models have been developed to help enable ambitious shooters to achieve top performance and extend individual limits.

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Tactic lamps:

Extensive testing for performance, durability and reliability, its highly efficient broadcasters provide up to 2 hours of operation.

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About Us

We have been present in the Serbian market since 1996. despite the core business of our company since 2008, we are registered and present on the market as one of the major suppliers of dual-use goods, military equipment and weapons.                         
We offer a wide range of products for security forces, all types of weapons, ammunition, optical and optoelectronic devices, information and communication technology and other military equipment of renowned manufacturers.                         
Our goal is to offer all our customers the latest generation of new equipment and to inform them about new products and technologies. Professionals (military, police, gendarmerie and security and intelligence services) have enabled us to test and evaluate the equipment and weapons they are interested in.                         
For all products, post-sales support, warranty services, service, procurement of spare parts and equipment is provided.


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